The art of engraving is long past the early engravers who used diamond or metal tools to engrave by brute force. Nowadays engraving is done by lasers. A laser is a concentrated bundle of light that is able to cut, etch and engrave. Our lasers are guided by computersoftware which makes the etching extremely precise. During engraving, the laser burns the material and leaves the design ‘tattooed’ on the object.


Engraving at Uncover Lab is easy. You choose a product and a design and you order. You can choose one of our designs, make your own design or let one of our creative operators do the work for you. Not sure what to engrave? Head to our Instagram voor inspiration. Our lasers are best used for engraving on natural products like leather, cork, wood, bamboo and paper. But we engrave glas, denim, plastic and perspex as well. Unfortunately we are not able to engrave most metals, because of the hardness of the material. An exception to this rule is coated aluminium, which is used for the production of MacBooks and Secrid wallets.


Full engraving Full engraving is mostly done to create contrast on an object. When a design is etched it really opens the underlaying layer and creates a tough natural look on the object. It is best used for high res shapes and detailled illustrations. Outline engraving Outline engraving means that only the contour line will be etched. Outline engraving gives the design a simple and slick appearance. It is mostly used voor patterns and geometric shapes.


Text can be engraved as well. We can scan your handwritten text and edit it to be etched or a designer can use a font that looks similar. Even images can be engraved. We do this in two different ways. We convert the digital images to a bitmap format or one of our designers will trace the images and gives it a cartoony look.


There are thousands kinds of wood, which makes each engraving different. That is why wood engraving is so much fun. Engraving on wood opens up the natural layer underneath and gives the object an authentic look. Everything is possible on wood engraving, from geometric patterns to complex designs.


Our favourite paper notebooks are Moleskines and Midori’s. When we discovered that these leather notebooks can be engraved beautifully we couldn’t be happier. Leather is made to be etched. Laser engraved leather becomes matted. The contrast between the original leather gives the leather object an amazing look.


We already engraved hundreds of MacBooks. Our engravings come to life on Macbooks of CEO’s of Evernote, Snapchat, Uber and Flipboard every day. Thanks to the biggest DJ’s of the moment, Hardwell, Laidback Luke and Jamie XX, our designs are seen by thousands of fans.



Per engraving

Engraving costs depend on the size. Engraving starts at €15 for a 10cm x 10cm engraving. The price increases when the size increases

Design costs


Per 15 minutes

When an engraving requires extra design work we charge €15 for every 15 minutes that our designers work their magic.

Corporate orders


per request

Every corporate order is different, so it is not possible to indicate a price. Take a look at our corporate order page and contact us to see the possibilities.

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